"Each has its lesson; for our dreams in sooth, come they in shape of demons, gods, or elves, are allegories with deep hearts of truth that tell us solemn secrets of ourselves."

Henry Timrod

Occidental, esoteric, arcane occult services aren’t for everyone. Some are better served by traditions closer to their primary belief systems, closer to the traditional definition of “light” or “spiritual” than those I offer here. There are practitioners more suited to that particular seeker. If their means and methods do not provide answers or results, or what you are seeking is outside of what many are willing to provide, you have come to the right place.

There is nothing evil here, nothing dark, nothing forbidden. It is the opposite side of the same coin, the Left Hand Path, the traditional masculine paradigm, the domain of Sorcery. It demands answers; it does not ask for them and stand humbly by waiting for a reply. These practices stem from the belief that each of us is a savior unto ourselves, that we determine the nature of our own reality. It practices from a strong internal locus of control. It presupposes an intimate, direct, real-time connection to the Cosmic Creator and it utilizes, unapologetically, this connection to demand and receive answers, results and advice.

When none can fill what you know must be filled

When the light abandons and Holds no comfort....
Come to this door and knock.
Sit by this mantle and find the warmth you seek
Among the perished and the damned.

The dead know...

Come enquire of them...

Before You Decide....

Contact me for a free method evaluation prior to choosing your desired service. This evaluation will not take time away from your reading and will allow us to decide on the appropriate service for your particular needs.

Consultations / Readings can be scheduled to be done over the phone, via email, via Facebook or in person as desired depending on geographic location or preference of the Seeker.

Click on the Facebook Icon to the right and tell me what questions you seek answers to. Not a FB fan? Email me at pkchaoswerks@gmail.com...


1. Contact me through Facebook or Gmail to get an idea of which service is best suited for your request.

2. Process your payment through PayPal AFTER consultation and scheduling are completed. We may need to wait until payment clears to schedule an appointment in some cases.


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  1. Very accurate. I felt at ease and comfortable discussing some pretty deep worries.

  2. Very intuitive and insightful. He has help me through some tough times and help put painful memories in the past. Papa is smart and the real deal your be amazed.

  3. So impressed by JRO's spirituality and ability to be so in tune with things. I've had a couple card readings by him and have felt nothing but positive and rejuvenated afterward. He's really helped me with some difficult things.

  4. All I can say is WOW. Papa Krok is very gifted and intuitive. My reading was amazing and insightful. Papa Krok takes the time to clarify and help you understand what the cards are saying and how they apply to you. This was my first reading, I've always been a little leary, but Papa put my worries at ease and made it a very pleasant and empowering experience. I've already referred several of my friends. If your thinking about getting a reading or any other service, look no further, Papa Krok is the best!!

  5. wrote:

    Wow. Very helpful. Thanks so much.
    I appreciate your witt and candor :)

  6. The readings were so phenomenal. I had abbreviated names with one letter and the reading was so accurate in terms of the individual. Absolutely fascinating.


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